2008 Northwest Versatility Weekend - NOTRA Results

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"] The Northwest Versatility Weekend got a much needed break in the weather Sunday, with cooler temps perfect for the running dogs and their owners alike.

Saphira finished the meet undefeated in fine style gaining the needed national points to earn her Supreme Oval Race Championship. Nacho won two of the high points to finish in 2nd place, earning another 5 national points toward his SORC. Blocker tied with Nacho in the last high point landing Blocker in 3rd place, helping him to earn 3 national points, while Jitterbug (recovering from motherhood) ran in 4th place earning her 1 national point putting her only 1 away from her SORC3.

Youngster Cochiti ran for the 5th place honor and took top points to finish his Oval Racing Championship, with Lunii earning the next set to also finish her ORC. Flyboy ran hard for 7th with the newcomer, perfect Pennant and speedster Hotrod tying to split the next 2 sets of points finishing Hotrod's ORC as well. FTE Fennec rounded out the Top Ten showing his greyhound owners good things come in small(er) packages.

I would like to thank every one that came, entered, or just plain helped out, for coming out for the weekend. the new field worked well, there were no incidents between dogs and horses, in fact there were a few times I saw the polo riders sitting atop their ponies watching the races on Saturday. There were no horses present on Sunday.

-submitted by ORCC Race Secretary Diane Salts

ORCC (Northwest Versatility Weekend) NOTRA 4 dog races, 4 programs, drag lure Roy Polo Field, Roy, WA May 25, 2008

(WWWA club member dogs noted in blue)

Place NOTRA# Call_Name Reg_Name Owner NAWRA# NAWRA Rank Pts Notes 1 4395 Saphira Quixand Fallen Angle Sanders/Heiniger 26 7 nats NEW SORC 2 4695 Nacho Farseer Nacho Of Shadow Run Sowards 24 5 nats 3 4539 Blocker Shadow Run Sun Blocker Sowards 19 3 nats 4 4480 Jitterbug QuiXand Feel The Beat Heiniger 17.5 1 nat 5 4693 Cochiti Farseer Cochiti Salts 17 7 orc NEW ORC 6 4553 Lunii Lunacy Allison 15 5 orc NEW ORC 7 4114 Flyboy QuiXand Wild Blue yonder Sanders/Heiniger 15 8 4696 Pennant Farseer Packin' Heat Pennant Swan 14 2 orc 9 4735 Hotrod QuiXHigh Lightning MCQueen Heiniger 14 2 orc NEW ORC 10 PEND Fennec Windyglen TCS That Sneaky Fox CAGNEY/HYSKA 13 11 4524 Solar Shadow Run Solar Eclipse Sowards 13 12 4697 Zephyr Farseer Rasta Fire Zephyr Swan 13 13 4457 Ember Shadowrun Sunburn Mackey 13 14 4715 O'Brady Lyth Bradox O'Shadowrun Sowards 13 15 PEND China TCS Jammin' I Don't Do Dishes Swan/ Mackey-Gersich 13 FTE 16 4137 MnM Jammin' TCS Moroccan Mint Mackey-Gersich/Wilks 12 17 4178 Monkey Jammin' White Monkey Paw of K's Salts 12 18 4179 Chai Jammin' Kashmiri Chai Wilks 12 19 4440 Tiercel Serendipity Nighthawk Levine 12 20 4670 Carney Carnivale Justice Bassett 12scr4 21 4766 Aaron Whoapat's Top Hat and Tails RIZK 11 22 4483 NIMBY QuiXand Jammin' NIMBY O'Farseer Salts/Wilks 11 23 4520 Truman Dream's Nobody's Fool Fisher 10 24 4458 Madonna Dream's TCS Color is Immaterial Mackey-Gersich 10 25 4389 Jet Nouveau's Auto Pilot Swepston 10 26 3477 Irish Jammin' Irish Tea Wilks 10 27 4743 Lark Serendipity Skylark Levine 10 28 4177 Dapper Nouveau's Ladies Man Brenkert 9 29 PEND DJ TCS Shadow Run Dominant Jeans Jammin' Sowards 9 FTE 30 4252 Pink Nouveau's Awfully Pretty Swepston 9 31 3988 Stormy-H Dreams Stormin Home Hillen 9 32 3485 Ruby Jammin' Ruby Mist of K's Salts 9 33 Pend Paisely Dusty Rose Paisley Phifer 8 34 Pend Xavier QuiXand Xavier Jones 8scr4 FTE 35 4075 Spice Blarneystone Spice Girl Shusterman 8scr4 36 3902 Strider VinceVeritas Aragorn Strider Allison 8scr4 37 3629 Lane Blarneystone's Hidden Dragon Anti 8scr4 38 4471 Ralphe Edward Oberon Truth or Consequences Heiniger 8scr3 39 4444 Thumper-M Blarneystone's Mystery Woman Porter 7.5 40 Pend Figi Jammin' TCS Figi Wigi Fawn Mackey-Gersich 7 FTE 41 3035 Rocky Rockabye of Loughren Vernon 7 42 Pend Ziggy-B Bravado's Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz JC Briggs 7 43 4664 Quinn Blarneystone Legacy Shusterman 7scr4 44 4076 Willow Blarneystone Sunrunner Shusterman 5scr4 45 4104 Mylo Lyth Curragh Vernon 5scr3 46 4740 Timbits Ringdove TCS Timbits Mackey-Gersich 5scr2 47 4062 Ronan Blarneystones Afterburner Shusterman 5scr2 48 3195 Vicar Lyth Vicar Vernon/Lewis 5scr2 49 4187 Rupert Lyth Moleskin Vernon/Lewis 3Pcr3 50 3464 Lucy Brown Windyglen's Lucy Brown Papin 3scr2 51 4663 Calypso Blarneystone Calypso Shusterman 3scr2 52 3890 Jessie Shadow Run Jessie James Sowards 2.5scr3 53 4711 Tubbs Knightwood’s Porcupine Pie Rooney 2scr3 54 4396 Crotalus QuiXand Kentfield Crotalus Heiniger 2scr2 55 4390 Slick Nouveau's Black Gold Swepston 2scr2 56 3782 Ringer HH Serendipity Eight Bells Levine 2scr2 57 4437 Rascal Y-Notz Little Rascal Porter 0 58 4443 Gila QiXand Sheeza Pistol Burt 0scr2 59 4153 Trique Merrithoughts Electrique Eel Rooney 0scr2 60 PEND Gilligan QuiXand Little Buddy Heiniger 0 DQ2 DQ

Race By Race Results Program 1 Race 1 Mylo, China, Ringer, Rascal Race 2 Vicar, Lane, Figi, Rocky Race 3 Ronan, Calypso, Paisley, Trique Race 4 DJ, Thumper/Jessie, Pink Race 5 Fennec, Xavier, Slick, Lark Race 6 Timbits, Spice, Quinn, Ruby Race 7 Irish, Stormy, Ziggy, Gila Race 8 Chai, Willow, Jet, Tiercel Race 9 Nimby, Zephyr, Dapper, Madonna Race 10 Strider, Pennant, Aaron, Tubbs Race 11 Hotrod, Flyboy, MnM, O'Brady Race 12 Saphira, Rupert, Truman, Gilligan (DQ) Race 13 Solar, Lunii, Truman, Ember Race 14 Jitterbug, RalpheEdwards, Cochiti, Monkey Race 15 Nacho, Carney, Blocker, LucyBrown

Program 2 Race 1 Pink, Lark, Rocky, Rascal Race 2 Madonna, Ruby, Tiercel Race 3 Ember, O'Brady, Tubbs Race 4 Quinn, Figi, Paisley Race 5 Aaron, Jet, Dapper, Ziggy Race 6 Truman, MnM, Thumper, Jessie Race 7 Xavier, Spice, China, Lane Race 8 Pennant, Zephyr, Willow, Stormy Race 9 Lunii, Monkey, Flyboy, Rupert Race 10 Blocker, Cochiti, DJ, Mylo Race 11 Fennec, Nimby, Chai, Irish Race 12 Saphira, Solar, Hotrod, Strider Race 13 Nacho, Carney, Jitterbug, RalpheEdwards

Program 3 Race 1 Tiercel, Ziggy, Rocky, Rascal Race 2 O'brady, Ruby, Lark Race 3 Lane, Stormy, Rupert (Psr) Race 4 Dapper, Thumper, Paisley Race 5 Ember, Madonna, Pink, Figi Race 6 MnM, China, Jet, Willow Race 7 Flyboy, Strider, Spice, Irish Race 8 Zephyr, Monkey, Aaron, Quinn Race 9 Cochiti, Truman, DJ, Chai Race 10 Hotrod, Pennant, Lunii, Xavier Race 11 Blocker, Carney, Solar, Nimby Race 12 Saphira, Nacho, Jitterbug, Fennec

Program 4 Race 1 Lark, Rocky, Ziggy, Rascal Race 2 Irish, Ruby, Figi Race 3 Tiercel, Stormy, Paisley Race 4 Chai, Jet, Pink Race 5 Chini, Nimby, Madonna, Thumper Race 6 O'Brady, Monkey, Aaron, DJ Race 7 Flyboy, Ember, MnM, Dapper Race 8 Lunii, Solar, Zephyr, Truman Race 9 Cochiti, Pennant, Hotrod, Fennec Race 10 Saphira, Nacho/Blocker, Jitterbug[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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