I am catching up on adding blog posts for events and brags going back to the Versatility Weekend. I'm backdating these posts so they will show up in the archives in their appropriate time frame. Stay tuned for more backdated posts over the next little while as I get caught up! Incidentally, these posts will also be found as content in the upcoming issue of the newsletter, which will be available soon! Please check out the subscription options in the upper left column. You have two choices to stay updated as news is added to the site. There is no need to try to remember to manually check the site for updates all the time, when these easy, automated options are available!

  • RSS Feeds. If you are not familiar with RSS, it stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary (depending on who you ask!). You can "subscribe" to an RSS feed and any updates are delivered directly to your RSS feed reader. There are a number of feed readers you can use, including Google Reader, Bloglines, and Newsgator, among others. If you don't want to use a separate feed reader, most modern email programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird, can be used to set up folders where RSS feeds are delivered.
  • Email Subscription. If you don't want to mess around with this newfangled RSS stuff and are perfectly happy with email, thank you very much, you can choose to have the same updates delivered right to your inbox the old fashioned way.

I hope you'll take advantage of one or the other of these methods to keep up with WWWA news. Please rest assured that both options are completely safe and your privacy will be respected. Your email and other personal information is private and will never be shared.

In addition to the subscription options, another great feature of the new site is the ability to search the entire site, including blog posts. To easily find the information you need, just enter your search terms in the search box to the upper right and hit enter.

You can also page down to read through posts reverse-chronologically, or look in the left column for links to archived posts by month and by category.

Finally, I put together a few more of the photo banners which display randomly at the top of each page: a racing banner and an obedience/agility banner. Stay tuned for more banners demonstrating the versatility of our great breed.

Happy reading!

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