More updates...

Well the weather outside is frightful but luckily my power was only out overnight so I can spend the weekend inside, warm and cozy, working on the WWWA website! I upgraded Wordpress itself as well as the website's theme to their new versions, and both upgrades offer many enhancements. You'll notice lots of new graphics which add discrete but fun splashes of color to the site, as well as uniform link colors throughout, and a newly customized menu bar at the top of the page which will hopefully stand out a bit more than the old one.

I also made three new header images that display randomly at the top of each page: one featuring lure coursing photos, one for puppies, and one with whippets playing in the snow (don't know why, it just seemed somehow appropriate!). The whippets featured in these headers all belong to WWWA club members. WWWA members, feel free to send more images in any of these categories - there is no rule that says we can't have more than one header for each category!

Website UpdatesBeth Levine