September race practice schedule

(I'm so sorry I didn't get this posted live in time for the first practice on the 5th. I did write the post but unfortunately forgot to publish it! -Beth) We have two practice sessions in the month of September starting at the usual time of 11:00.:

Saturday, 5 Sept. Saturday, 12 Sept.

I'm not sure which of the Frohning fields we will be using.  Either David or I will take a look at them sometime this week.  Whichever has the shortest grass gets the practice.  I will let you all know.

As a reminder, the NAWRA national and NOTRA derby will be held at Roy the 19th and 20th with a fun match Friday the 18th.  Premiums and entries can be obtained thru the ASFA Region 1 site.  The weekend following is the WWWA race meet also at Roy - NAWRA on Saturday and NOTRA on Sunday.  Again, info, etc., will soon be on the ASFA 1 site.  Even if racing isn't your thing, some of you might enjoy the opportunity to see dogs that we hear about but seldom get a chance to watch perform.   CCC is also having a big weekend the last weekend of the month.  In addition to a two day set of trials and JC tests, the Friday prior is an opportunity for those of you who would like to learn more about lure operating to participate in a seminar put on by top notch lure ops.  More info on the ASFA Region 1 site.

- submitted by Shirley Konizeski

Practice is on for Thursday at 3:00.  It will be at the field behind the barn next to the Fish and Wildlife area.  But, please don't park at the Fish and Wildlife parking area as it is by permit only.  Directions as follows:
Either north from Duvall or south from Monroe, take the 203rd St. SE exit (goes west).  You will be driving thru the reformatory farms.  At the stop sign, turn right on Tualco Rd.  Turn left on Tualco Loop Rd.  The Frohning farm is the first house on the left.  Take the gravel road just past the house (left turn) and turn in behind the barn.  Please do not drive or park on the grass.  If you are coming from the north on Tualco Loop Rd. look for the tractor show sign in the yard and turn right on the gravel road.  Proceed to the barn.  Remember, there are no porta potties available.
We will not be bringing boxes as this is a lure coursing focus practice.
A reminder for those of you who are interested in and are ready for full up racing or need the use of the big boxes - there will be oval practice with the full up boxes at the Sowards (Goldendale) on the 4th and a race meet on the 5th.   Jo has also said that she can accomodate straight practices with the big boxes too.
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