February 28 Practice

There will be a practice this Sunday, the 28th, starting at 11:00.  The field will be the same one we have been using the last several practices.  For those of you who are new and will be coming out for the first time, please bring poop bags.  Anything that goes out to the site must leave with you.  This is a commercial dairy so we have to be very careful not to leave anything on the field including ripped pieces of plastic from the lure.   Be sure to bring water with for the dogs and a chair.  Practices can be very lengthy dependent upon how many dogs we get.  The fish and game still has their porta potty out.  Hooray for them!!! Last practice we had several dogs loose at varying times.  As this has the potential to be very dangerous when dogs are out running on the lure, we are asking that handlers provide crates for all of their dogs.  If this isn't possible, please keep your dogs in your vehicle except during warm up and cool down or when active coursing isn't going on.   If you feel your dog needs to have more exposure to the activity, i.e., you want the dog out with you watching dogs run the lure - puppies, dogs new to lure coursing, etc. - have your dog appropriately collared and leashed.  Collars should be of the martingale type so a dog can not slip out.  If you have questions, need help, any one of the club members would be very happy to help.

**** One last thing.  Park as usual behind the barn.  Don't park on the grass to the side of the house unless you are directed to that area.  I think that last Saturday was probably a one of a kind day.  I haven't heard yet from Tim Frohning whether or not fish and game is going to allow him to mow that portion of the field.  Until we know, we'll have to assume business and parking as usual - on the gravel. ****

My cell:  425-293-3776.  If you need directions to the field, e-mail.

-submitted by Shirley Konizeski

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