May 16 practice update

5/20 UPDATE: the 5/22 practice is rescheduled to Sunday, 5/23. Same time, same place, see info below.

There will be practice this coming Sunday - same time 11:00 and same place Cascade Family Fliers Field (see below for info).  The following Saturday the 22nd Sunday the 23rd will be the last practice in May.  Please be sure to check your e-mail prior to coming out to the field.  If there is a cancellation, it will be sent out by 9:00 latest same day as practice.

I hate to belabor the point, but we had three loose dogs at last week's practice and one that took forever to catch.  Folks, we have to get a grip on losing our dogs.  It can create a very dangerous situation.  Please come prepared to have your dogs confined except when coursing or cooling down.  If you have a new dog that you feel needs to spend some time watching dogs chase the bunny bag, please let me know ahead of time so I can help you do it in from a safe position.  And finally, if your dog does not have good recall and it takes us a half an hour to catch after running the lure, please don't bring it to practice.  It can be very dangerous for the dog - even tho we are a ways from the main road, we all know how fast sighthounds can cover distance - and it's very frustrating for the rest of the participants waiting for their turn.

Practices will continue to be located at the new field south of Snohomish:  One last thing, my phone number is 425-293-3776.  Please don't use the number on the Cascade Family Fliers website. That goes directly to the field owner, Mark.  I'm quite active on my computer.  If you e-mail me with questions, almost for sure, I will be back to you with a day if not sooner.

-submitted by Shirley Konizeski

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