Jo Sowards brags...

BIG BRAG FOR SHADOW RUN WHIPPETS Summer of 2010 is coming to a close and the sun keeps shinning here in Goldendale, especially on Shadow Run Marco ORC. He earned 3 more National Points at WRAG's August 21st meet and raised his total to 14.5 to keep himself #6 in the NOTRA TOP TEN.  But it's hard work.

At the NOTRA Nationals in Squamish, BC August 29, Nacho's kids did pretty good.  Out of 108 whippets entered  Kelp held on to the #7th spot while Marco finished 14th, and our little Tango finished 16th securing a spot in the TOP TWENTY.   Tango also won 1st place Handicap Award as well as #1 in her class.

Mack made a lot of new friends and won a 1st in his class too. He finished 71st out of those 108 racing whippets that came from all over the country to compete in a beautiful setting of mountains, lakes, and green green grass.

Glen and I extend a congratulations to Ringdove Chieftian for his 1st place. Two time NOTRA Nationals winner. Our thanks go to the BCWRC for the hard work that was involved in hosting such a big event. At the helm Gale Lyttle, and Darien Adley were super. Little Lorna Leinbach did a great job at the boxes and Barb Barcley was the master of the conformation match.  And a lot of beautiful whippets were presented.

Next time I am going to invest in a GPS system.  We got lost going and coming.  Hit the Commercial Truck Crossing, (which we were happily allowed to cross) going into Canada  and got hung up in a 30 mile back up looking for a USA border crossing to the states when a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman told us we were heading to the Yukon.  Took us 12 hours to get home to Goldendale, WA.  That's what happens when old folks hit the road. Glen was the navigator.

Now we are getting ready for our fall meets  on October 30th & 31st, and an early winter meet on November 20th, snow or no snow.  Come on over and have some fun in the sun.  Or snow.

Jo & Glen,

BragsBeth Levine