New Membership Application

A new membership application has been submitted. Applicant: Darcy Shurin Sponsored by Aaron Swepston and Mary Downing

She lives in Kirkland. Has 4 Whippets and has bred in the past, Kennel Name is Brystal. She has no other breeds, belongs to no other dog clubs. Interested in Pet, Lure Coursing, Agility, Shows, Rescue and Race. Areas wants to be involved: Lure Coursing, Education, Artwork, Ring Stewarding and Publicity.

Darcy wrote: I am married with 2 adult stepchildren, Prior to marriage, my MBA enabled an international career in wireless communication and business consulting.  I am currently involved in realestate Hobbies I enjoy, in addition to Whippets are hiking, biking, skiing, sailing and creating things (knitting, art, sewing, singing, etc.).  I've owned Whippets since 2001 when I fell in love with the bred. I love watching them run and their quirky fun personalities.  Since owning whippets, I've developed interests in lure coursing, racing, working on box training and conformation.  My interests in Whippets lead to desire to breed, but two litters later (2 years apart), I've learned it's more complicated than it looks and am not sure about the future. I love the families I've placed pups with and love seeing their love of whippets. I started several times to join this group, but in truth was a bit intimidated- a failure I hope to rectify now.  Thanks for reading.

- submitted by membership chair Peggy Hewes

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