Updated Practice Schedule


Here's the practice schedule thru September: Saturday, August 27 Saturday, September 3 Sunday, September 11 Sunday, September 25 CANCELLED - RAIN

Practice starts at 11:00 a.m.

Unfortunately, the month of October is entirely out for practices.  We are putting on a week end of race meets and a weekend of lure trials.  The ridgeback club is also putting on a weekend of lure trials.  The other two weekends, I will be out of town.  Into November, if the weather permits there are at least two weekends, possibly three, upon which we can hold practices.  After that, if we have a weekend day that is really nice, I will call an impromptu practice.  Other than that, practices will be pretty much over until late winter/early spring.

Practices will be held at the Cascade Family Fliers field south of Snohomish.  One last thing, my phone number is 425-293-3776.  Please don’t use the number on the Cascade Family Fliers website. That goes directly to the field owner, Mark.  I’m quite active on my computer.  If you e-mail me with questions, almost for sure, I will be back to you within a day if not sooner.

As usual, I will remind everybody mid-week prior and if there is to be a cancellation I will let everybody know by the latest 8:00 day of.

-submitted by Shirley Konizeski, aumbre@earthlink.net

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