2011 WWWA Specialty Critique and Photos


Complete 2011 specialty results are available from the BaRay website.Results from the WWHA supported entries the following two days are also available.

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Judge's Critique – Connie Alexander, Kernersville, NC

I was very excited about judging your specialty and seeing some of the Seattle area.  I was not disappointed on both accounts. It was sunny the day I arrived and I was able to see all of Seattle from the plane.  Mt. Rainier was visible from my hotel room.  I was surprised that the picturesque valley that the show site was located was so close to Seattle.  And, last but not least, the weather was wonderful.  I could not have ordered a better day to have a dog show.

I think that the entry was spectacular.  I feel very privileged to have been invited to judge these dogs.  The breeders and owners should be very proud of themselves.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day of judging and the cook out that evening.  It is nice to meet new people and people that you have seen for years across the room at the Nationals.  Thank you again for inviting me to judge your specialty.

6-9 Puppy Dogs-#5 OXFORDS PRINCETONS TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT This is a fawn brindle and white puppy who is very filled out for such a young dog.   He has a lovely head, is well balanced and goes around well.

9-12 Puppy Dogs-#13 LAKOTA’S WARLOCK OF AMBERWIND This puppy is mostly fawn. He has more length of body, good front fill and a nice head.  He also moves nicely.

12-18 Dogs-#17 BELAYA CHANSON D’AMOUR This young dog is balanced with a smooth topline and good angulation.  I think that he has a lanky look that will be resolved as he matures.

Bred by Exhibitor-#19 TIVIO’S SPELLBOUND This is a fawn and white dog with a lovely head and eye.  He is balanced front and rear and moves nicely.

American Bred Dogs-#33 BRAVADO’S BOUNTIFUL HARVEST This is a fawn brindled and white dog has a smooth topline and a good underline.  He has good depth of chest and front fill.

Open Dogs-#43 SPORTING FIELDS MAN IN BLACK This black and white dog has a beautiful outline, balanced front and rear with good angulation.  He also is a nice moving dog.

Winners Dog-#19 TIVIO’S SPELLBOUND Best Bred By Exhibitor I really did like this dog.  It was a hard decision between this dog and the reserve dog.  He has a smooth, ground covering gait that could not be denied.  I was pleased to find out that this win finished him.

Reserve Winners Dogs-#43 SPORTING FIELDS MAN IN BLACK I also understand that this dog finished later in the weekend.  Congratulations to all.

6-9 Puppy Bitches-#6 STARLANE’S OXFORD VICTIM OF LOVE This puppy has a pretty head and a nice body for one so young.  She is balanced front and rear with good angles.  She moved flawlessly around the ring.

9-12 Puppy Bitches-#14 TIVIO’S LA DOLCE VITA DEL ORO This is a fawn, brindle, and white bitch moves nicely, balanced and well put together.  She has a good topline and good depth of chest.

12-18 Bitches#18 BELAYA CANTATA This is a white and brindle bitch.  She is very elegant with a flowing topline and good underline.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches-#20 WHIMSY’S SWIFTSURE KILO KAI This is a fawn brindle and white bitch. She has a pretty head and eye, good topline and balanced front and rear.  She moves nicely around the ring.

American Bred Bitches-#32 WHIMSY’S TWELFTH OF NEVER This is a red and white bitch that has a very pretty outline, good head and eye.

Open Bitiches-#46 SUMMIT WILD OATS WINNER TAKES IT ALL This is a mostly white bitch with a little more length of body than some of the others. She has good reach and drive and covers the ground well.

Winners Bitch-#6 STARLANE’S OXFORD VICTIM OF LOVE Best Puppy This puppy is wonderful.  She oozes type and style.  She shows like she has doing it all her life, all six months of it.  She never let down to the very end of the day.


Veteran Dogs 7-10 years-#49 Ch. STREBOR’S LIFE OF THE PARTY JC This brindle and white veteran is very smooth and balanced.  He moved as well or better than most of the younger boys.

Veteran Bitch 7-10-#52 FC BELAYA VELVETEEN RABBIT SC The veteran is a beautiful red brindle and white.  She is very smooth over the topline and balanced front and rear.  It is so nice to see such nice veterans.

Lure Coursing/Straight Racing Dog-#53 NOUVEAU’S HOODOO MOJO This is a nice black and white dog that looks to be built for speed.  He is expertly presented by his handler.

Best of Breed-#56 Ch. OXFORD ROWINGDALES BEAUTIFUL EYES This fawn and white bitch is very curvy and balanced.  Everything flows together to produce a moderate size Whippet.  On this day she moved slightly better than the BOS dog.  This placement could change on any given day.


Best of Opposite Sex-#63 GCh. COUNTERPOINT PAINTED BY BOHEM SC This is a dark brindled and white dog is a dog that I liked very much.  He has a pretty head and eye, a smooth topline and balanced front and rear.  He uses himself very well going around the ring.

Select Dog-#49 Ch. STREBOR’S LIFE OF THE PARTY JC Best Veteran

Select Bitch-#58 Ch. OXFORD SUNBEAM SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE This is a fawn and white bitch that is balanced front and rear, moves nicely and presents a striking picture when standing.

Award of Merit-#27 SUMMIT ABOVE THE RIM This fawn and white dog has a nice head and good bone.  He has good front fill and a smooth top line with good angulation.


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