All the News... October 2011


Hannah and Rico at Eukanuba


Just heard that Hannah Nichols and her partner Whimsy’s Play Me A Tune, have been invited to attend the 2011 Eukanuba Junior Showmanship competition in Florida!  Now, that’s the way to show ‘em!


Seven in the #6 jacketAlso, heard something special about Seven – Serendipity Hark the Lark – again finished in the money at the CWA meets Oct. 1st and 2nd by garnering another 5 ARX pts. for the weekend with the Run For Fun crowd. Two weekends later she added another 2.5 ARX points to her total, to finish her first 3 months of racing with 10.5 points towards her title!


And, not to be outdone, the Swepston’s WileE - Nouveau's Pink Coyote - was BOB and BIF at the ASFA Region 1 Invitational trial hosted by WWWA on Sunday, Oct. 16th.

So if you have a Whippet that did something outstanding, we’d love to hear about it.

Good neighbors

Aaron, Kerie and Jagur Swepston report on a recent weekend adventure...

WRAG is interested in hosting the 2012 NAWRA/NOTRA Nationals, and invited Kerie and myself over to Goldendale to sponsor/observe their first NAWRA race meet. In order for a club to start holding NAWRA races, they need to have an existing NAWRA club observe them hosting a NAWRA meet, and give the nod of approval that the meet was run properly and well. Even though they have been running ovals for a long time there, NAWRA requires observation for a first straight race meet. We were pleased and honored to attend their inaugural NAWRA meet, and while there were a few things that might need attention down the road, everything went off just fine in spite of the high temperatures and smoke from the nearby forest fires. WRAG, which is primarily Jo and Glen Sowards, has extensive history with performance events dating back to the early days of the WWWA. Not only that, they have a very nice, permanent oval track that they have built on their property, which they have modified to accommodate a 200 yard straight now. They have been running oval races for quite some time now at their own, independent site. They’ve dedicated quite an exhaustive amount of time, energy and money to developing a privately owned and managed race facility, and the performance community is the better for it. Kerie, Jagur and myself had a wonderful time at that meet, finished off our time there with wonderful icecreams before hitting the road back to the west side to finish the weekend off with hang gliding. We wish WRAG the best of luck as they now add straight racing to their calendar of oval races, and thank them for inviting us over to be a part of their straight race kickoff!


Thank you Mary Downing for compiling and submitting "all the news"!

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