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Here is the latest ASFA Communique from the ASFA Secretary. Please note that ASFA is recruiting for the position of Membership Chair; if you're interested in serving ASFA, please consider applying. It is also good to see a fellow Region 1 representative on the slate for the ASFA BOD. -submitted by Beth Levine, WWWA ASFA delegate

ASFA COMMUNIQUE – 2011.02, October, 2011

Now that the fall coursing season is in full swing we hope to see many of you andyour hounds on the coursing fields.  Someof the Regions have held their Regionals while there are a few more scheduled for later this fall.

Following in this "Communiqué" is the report of the Nominating Committee as well as our notice of a search fora new chair for the Membership Committee. Vickie Jacobs has been the chair for many years and has tirelessly kept the committee in great shape.  Thank you very much Vicky for your contribution to the ASFA and the Membership Committee.

Report ofthe Nominating Committee

The Nomination Committee, consisting of Rich Whritenhour, Steve Curry and Ann Chamberlain, has submitted the following nominations for the ASFA Officers to be elected at the 2012 ACoD.

President                                   Ping Pirrung First Vice President              Dean Wright Second Vice President         Thom Haig Recording Secretary             Karen Frederick Corresponding Secretary    Bill Bowlus-Root Chief Financial Officer           Jeff Lipps

Following are bio's for each of the officers.

Ping Pirrung – President

I am very hounoured to accept the nomination of President of ASFA.  I view the position of ASFA President as one of  honour and great responsibility.  I will endeavour to uphold these principles throughout my term and look forward to contributing to the growth and expansion of the ASFA.

I have been involved with lure coursing and ASFA since I first learned of lurec oursing around 1975.  This is a sport dear to my heart for so many reasons because I meet amazing people and dogs and spend a weekend outside enjoying all of these.

One could easily say that my life has gone to the dogs …. Or has always been there.

At no time during my life have I been without a dog of some sort.  My family always had at least two dogs and at times even got up to my Dad's imposed limit of 4.  Even in college, my dog accompanied me to every class as well as up on stage to accept my diploma.

Borzoi were my beginning with purebred dogs.  Myhusband, at the time, and I showed and bred Borzoi.  Lure coursing was a natural fit, as my favourite place to be is outside and active. The athleticism along with the pure joy of watching the dogs do what they were bred to do is an indescribable thrill.

We had two daughters who also went with us to almost all field trials.  My second daughter was practically born on a coursing field.   At times I even ventured off with them by myself.  There are many that remember me slipping dogs with my youngest daughter in a back pack and a camera in my other hand.  After the girls were old enough that they could be on their own during a trial, I became a judge.  This has afforded me the opportunity to see dogs lure course all over the county at the same time to experience some amazing runs.

Whippets came into my life when my daughters were young and since the late 1980's I have had only Whippets.  I am now remarried to Dennis McCann who enjoys our growing family at Labyrinth Whippets.  At this point we have 5 living at our house and enjoy every minute of  it.  During the spring and fall almost every weekend is taken up with lure coursing or open field coursing.   During the week I spend a lot of time with the dogs either biking, walking or working on their skills.

I have been the Field Trial Secretary for several II's, the first being in the early `80s.  I have been President of Tri-State Sighthound Club for several years.  I was elected as the Corresponding Secretary on the ASFA Board of Directors,  in 2008 and reelected in 2010.  This position has been a joy as it has put me in touch with so many of the fancy all over the country.

Every weekend we have many opportunities to attend a myriad of dog related activities.  The challenge is to keep ASFA lure coursing a prominent choice. With your passion and contributions, together we can position andstrengthen ASFA for the future.

Dean Wright – 1st Vice President

I started in dogs with Miniature and Standard Poodles in the early 60's.  In 1967 I bought my first two sight hounds both Ibizan Hounds.  I was president of the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States (1974 – 1981).  In 1979 the breed was recognized by the AKC.  I owned the first Ibizan Breed Champion, CH Sunking Eterna of Treybeau, FCh. "Eterna", who was also the first Ibizan Hound ASFA Field Champion. In the 2000 ASFA Historical Book,  I owned and bred the number 1, number 2 and number 5 Ibizan Hounds along with the number 1 all-time  Greyhound and Saluki.

Lure coursing has been my passion since I saw the reaction of my Ibizan Hounds the first time they saw the lure moving along the ground.  One hound in particular that had just been bored to death in the show ring and really came to life and so did my desire to help sighthounds have the opportunity to chase the lure.

I have been active in ASFA since 1976.   I have served the American Sight Hound Field Association as Regional Director (1979 – 1981 & 1984 – 1987) and First Vice President  (1988 – 1998).  In 2010 I was elected to serve again as theFirst Vice President of ASFA, the position that I am hoping to continue for two more years.

I now reside in Holtwood, PA with my wife Cackie Vroom along with our Greyhounds and Whippets.  My last remaining Ibizan hound passed away in November of 2009, my last Saluki in May 2010.

After 35 years of Lure Coursing I still enjoy watching the new hounds run for the first time. When they realize they are off lead and their long instilled instinct to chase kicks in,  they are off doing what they have been bred to do for centuries.

My day job in the management end of auto repair, all these years, has helped support my coursing addiction.  I have learned a lot from my business experiences that will help me be a better leader and promoter for ASFA. I believe that you get out of something what you put into it.  I have learned so much from the people that I have worked with in ASFA that has helped me become successful in my business ventures.

Mygoal when re-elected will be to work with the newly elected president, officers and RD's thru the various committee chairs to establish ASFA as the premier lure coursing organization in the USA. We were the First and are the Best, bar none.

Thom Haig, DVM – 2nd Vice President

I have been a practicing veterinarian for 36 years.  I also have been a board member and/or officer in clubs in three regions.  After living in Nevada and coursing out west for 12 years, mywife and I moved to Tennessee in 2004.  We have both Whippets and Pharaoh Hounds as well as a variety of other critters.  When not releasing dogs, I enjoy being a hunt master and lure operator.  Occasionally I also provide emergency medical assistance on the field.

As a member of many professional organizations, I am a past president of the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association and have served on the State Board for 6 years.  I am currently the scientific program planning coordinator for the Wild West Veterinary Conference in Reno, NV. I am no stranger to committees, boards, and organizational operations.

Recording Secretary – Karen Frederick

I grew up in the small Ohio town of East Liverpool, nestled on the Ohio River as it flows from Pennsylvania. We were known for the production of pottery and most of us have a habit known as `plate turning'. (I'm waiting for my official card to arrive). We just can't help looking at the production marks on the bottom of dinnerware to check where it was made.

Professionally, I am a licensed clinical perfusionist at Mercy - St. Louis Heart Hospital. This profession involves the operation of a heart-lung machines during cardiac surgery and other ancillary operations. I graduated with a degree in Circulation Technology from The Ohio State University in a class of 18. Of course, I'm a dedicated Buckeye football fan and try to fit as many games as possible around fall field trials and hospital call.

My Irish Wolfhounds have had some success in lure coursing throughout the years.  Five of them have each earned at least a single LCM title and Clare was recently inducted into the ASFA Hall ofFame.  Advanced titles seem to be getting harder and harder due to declining numbers of IWs competing.

I am the current Recording Secretary of ASFA. I was part of the formation of the St. Louis Area Sighthounds in the mid-90's and have been the National Secretary for the Large Gazehound Racing Association.  I also completed eight years on the Board of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.

I am honored to accept the nomination from the Committee for another two years for the position of the Recording Secretary of ASFA.

Corresponding Secretary –Bill Bowlus-Root

Coursing is a sport I truly love and actively promote. I have been involved with coursing and ASFA since 2002, as soon as my own Basenjis were ready to participate.  Except for Lure Operator and Judge, I've served in every capacity on the field for my home club, the Evergreen Basenji Club, and other coursing clubs in the area.  I also serve as Treasurer and Lure Coordinator for the club, which boasts some of the finest coursing Basenjis in Region 1 and in the country.  I'm proud of the assistance I have provided to get newcomers interested and involved in the sport.  As the ASFA delegate for EBC since 2009, I attended the ACoD in 2010 and 2011.  As the Corresponding Secretary of ASFA, Iwill be in a position to further the goals of the organization and maintain the fine traditions of the sport.

My partner Paul Bowlus-Root and I founded our kennel, Baraka Basenji, in 2001.  Since then, our kennel as produced numerous coursing champions in ASFA, AKC, and CKC as well as racing champions in LGRA and NOTRA.  In 2007, our dog Cairo was the #1 Basenji and #5 Other Breed in NOTRA.  Several of our dogs have earned multiple Best in Field awards.  We are active members of the Basenji Club of America and the Basenji Club of Canada.  Our guiding principle has always been that a Basenji should be a well-rounded hound, equally successful on the field as in the show ring.  We're proud our dogs demonstrate that versatility.

When not on the coursing field, I am an independent Software Design Engineer working at Microsoft and have certifications in software design and SQL database development and administration.  I retired in 2004 after 10 years as a regular employee at Microsoft where I was in Developer Support, a Team Manager in that group, and later served as Developer Training Manager responsible for providing technical training for developers across the company.  My skills and talents draw upon a wide range of occupations including financial planning, teaching, banking, and restaurant management, and from my two degrees from the University of Iowa in Psychology and Education.

Chief Financial Officer –Jeff Lipps

Some eighteen years ago, while attending my first Saluki National Specialty, I saw my first ASFA lurecoursing trial.  The Saluki with me went berserk when she saw the lure.  I knew from that point that I had to give all my Salukis an opportunity to experience that joy.  Typically, seven to ten of our Salukis run regularly at ASFA Field Trials.  The top three lifetime ASFA Salukis are from our Kennel, Windrush Salukis.

My love of lure coursing quickly drove me to give what I could to the sport.  I have been active in the formation of two lure coursing clubs in the Columbus, Ohio area: GCSC (Greater Columbus Sighthound Club) and COACH (Central Ohio Afghan Coursing Hounds), for which I have held various Board and Officer positions.  Literally from my first days at ASFA trials, I have volunteered to help. Over the years, I have been involved in every aspect of running a field trial (from Field Trial Chairman to Huntmaster to Lure Operator to Paddock to Field Clerk).  In 2000, I received my All Breed ASFA Judging License.  Over the years, I have judged and ran Salukis in nearly all of the ASFA Regions.

In 1998, I was accepted into membership in the Saluki Club of America, the Saluki AKC Parent club.  I assisted in the efforts to qualify SCOA for ASFA membership. To do so, we conducted SCOA trials outside of the context of the National Specialty - something not done previously to my knowledge.

By day, I am a corporate trial attorney.  In that line of business, I am regularly called upon to develop strategies to accomplish business objectives for major corporations, to defend their actions, to prosecute misconduct by others, and to lead trial efforts within specific budget parameters to success.

Following my unsuccessful run for an ASFA Board position at the Baltimore ACOD, I have dedicated a portion of my life to volunteering in various capacities in the running of ASFA.  Specifically, I have served on ASFA's Finance and Budget Committee, Contracts Committee, FAN Committee, Policy Compilation Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, and Minutes Review Committee.

Iwas ASFA's first Chief Financial Officer, a position I held for two, two year terms.  I am in my final year of my second term as President of ASFA. My records in both positions speak for themselves. However, in both of my leadership positions in ASFA I have worked hard to stabilize ASFA's financial foundation, remain focused on our core competencies and size the organization to fit its market position.  Since ASFA created the CFO position, the Board has made great strides in accomplishing those goals. While Gary Roush leaves some big shoes to fill, I believe I have the experience and perspective to do just that. I believe I can contribute to sound decisions by ASFA that will continue ASFA on firm financial footing. My election as CFO would also allow for continuity in the Board on important financial matters.  I would be honored to receive your favorable consideration.

Membership Committee Chair Sought

ASFA's current membership chair, Vickie Jacobs, has informed the Board that she will be resigning as chair.  The Board is in search of a person who would be interested in serving as chair of the Membership Committee.    The Membership list is currently kept in Microsoft Access, therefore it would be best if the candidate was familiar with computers and the program Access. Vickie has agreed to be available to the new chair to assist in the transition as well as being available when questions arise.

If youhave an interest or any questions please write to Ping Pirrung, ASFA Corresponding Secretary, at byDecember 1st, 2011.

We hope your fall is filled with many coursing victories.

Jeffrey A. Lipps                             Ping Pirrung President                                          Corresponding Secretary



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