Serendipity 2011


2011 was an exciting year at Serendipity. My very favorite aspect of being involved with whippets is raising and socializing puppies, training them carefully to bring out the natural instincts and abilities that I've planned and bred for, and watching the progression from silly puppy to fierce competitor. As a proud breeder/owner/handler, there is something very gratifying in watching all your hopes and dreams come to fruition when your puppies hit their competitive stride and do you proud! I am so proud of the achievements of my two keepers from my Spring 2010 litter (CH Shamasan Hound Hill Cherokee, ARX, RN, PR-2 x CanCH Serendipity Skylark, FCH, TRPX, DPC, PR-2, SR, OTR) who made their debuts in the CWA program in the second half of 2011. In particular, Seven (Serendipity Hark The Lark) has performed beyond my wildest expectations! By the end of the year, after just three months of racing, she earned 10.5 (of the 15 required) ARX points towards her CWA racing championship. Living up to her dual purpose heritage, she did as well in the conformation matches as she did on the race track, consistently placing, and winning one match, to finish the requirements towards her Dual Purpose Champion title and finish the year in CWA's top-10 conformation standings.

Her brother Jonah (Serendipity On A Lark), steadily improved his performance on the track, and has come close to the ARX points on several occasions. He and litter brother Hokum (Serendipity Malarkey at Whimsy, owned and loved by Mary Downing) also have CWA match placements to their credit, and Hokum is also pointed in the show ring.  Jonah is certified for lure coursing and will make his debut in the field in the spring of 2012. Seven will hit the field in earnest as soon as she finishes her ARX. Seven and Jonah are so far unshown in AKC/CKC competition but might make a few appearances in the show ring in 2012 on weekends they aren't busy racing or lure coursing.

By far the highlight of the year was my trip to Milwaukee, WI over Labor Day weekend, to attend the CWA National with Seven. On Sunday she finished in the top 10 and earned the bottom ARX point in the toughest competition imaginable. To say I was proud of her is an understatement!

At six years old, Tiercel (Serendipity Nighthawk, FCH, ARX, DPCX, TRPX, PR-5, SRM, OTRM-2, CGC) has started to slow down a bit, but still enjoys getting out to the race meets and showing the youngsters how it is done. My most accomplished athlete to date, Tiercel has nothing left to prove and my only goal for him now is that he continue to enjoy racing and stay sound and healthy for as long as possible. If I had more time, I would love to do more obedience work with him and try for his CD, which is all he needs to qualify for his AWC Award of Versatility.

Lark (CanCH Serendipity Skylark, FCH, TRPX, DPC, PR-2, SR, OTR) sat out nearly all of 2011's performance events by being either in season or in a false pregnancy. However, she did make a few select appearances in the show ring, and picked up another specialty reserve in June at the Cascade Hound Association under breeder judge Wendy Gay. Hopefully she'll pick up the last singles she needs to finish her AKC championship in 2012!

On a sad note, I said goodbye to my beautiful and beloved foundation bitch, Wren (CanCH Priory HH Silver Lining, CD, FCH, OTRM, CGC, AV), who lost her short battle with chronic lymphocytic leukemia at the end of May, a few months shy of her 14th birthday. Diagnosed in February on routine bloodwork, Wren was asymptomatic and had great quality of life for the next four months; she had one bad day in mid May, bounced back for a few weeks, and then finally went downhill very rapidly. I am grateful that she did not suffer a long time and was so decisive in letting me know when it was time to say goodbye. Wren was my first whippet and really set the bar high with her versatility, her beauty and athleticism,  and especially her sound and incredibly sensible temperament. She was a multiple group placer in the show ring, a High in Trial winner in the obedience ring, and a multiple top-10 placer on the race track. She proved her versatility in the whelping box too, with show, racing and lure coursing champion offspring to her credit from each of her two litters. It is a comfort that her legacy lives on in her beautiful, talented and athletic kids and grandkids who bring me and their owners such joy.

I am blessed by the continued good health and good cheer of the retirees here at Serendipity: 9 year old Ringer (CanCH HH Serendipity Eight Bells, LCM, TRP, DPC, SR, OTRM-2, CGC), 8 year old Kestrel (Serendipity Sparrowhawk, FCH, OTR, CGC), and newly retired Branwen (Shamasan Caerbannog, PR) who at 4 years old is young for a retiree, but she is an inconsistent runner and seems happiest at home, so I decided to stop competing with her and let her be a happy homebody.

-submitted by Beth Levine Serendipity Whippets

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