2012 WWWA Specialty Critiques and Photos


Complete 2012 specialty results are available from the BaRay website.Results from the WWHA supported entries the same weekend are also available.

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Friday Sweeps Judge's Critique – Scot Northern, North Liberty, Iowa

Vet Sweeps Dog 7-10 #61 A beautiful stallion of a dog who covered ground very well. Smooth with a lovely head, front, and rear.

Vet Sweeps Bitches 7-10 #60 Another veteran who moved absolutely beautifully, with great angles and a nice body to match.

Vet Sweeps Bitches 12+ #84 Gorgeous headpiece, and very pretty. Her attitude simply filled the ring.

Best Opposite Vet In Sweeps #61 Held together beautifully with an elegant shape, and a powerful muscular body.

Best Vet In Sweeps #60 - Wow. What a bitch. Smooth lines, effortless movement, elegant yet powerful, with incredible depth of chest and flowing outline.

Sweeps Dog 6-9 Months #5 Stunning puppy who was so proportionally put together for his age. The movement and shape of this boy was amazing. Nice curves for his length which held together nicely on the move.

Sweeps Dog 9-12 Months #15 Beautiful headpiece, with a nice shape and length of loin.

Sweeps Dog 12-15 Months #41 Lovely neck, with amazing depth of chest and underline of tuck.

Sweeps Dog 15-18 Months #21 Elegant boy with nice shape, eye, and head. A beautiful picture.

Sweeps Bitch 6-9 Months #6 Pretty little girl. Nice small hocks, feminine outline, and a striking neck.

Sweeps Bitch 9-12 Months #12 So smooth from the neck into the shoulder, and an outline that flowed through a beautifully angled rear. Great reach and drive on the go around.

Sweeps Bitch 15-18 Months #26 Another pretty bitch with beautiful angles that really used herself on the go around.

Sweeps Bitch 18-21 Months #50 Stunning shape to this bitch, and a wonderful rear.

Best Opposite in Sweeps #12 Very tough decision, as this bitch just screamed whippet shape to me with a smoothness that was wonderful to see at such an age.

Best In Sweeps #5 Such easy fluid motion, with a well balanced reach and drive. This dog covered ground so well and had a wonderful powerful shape.

I would like to thank the WWWA for inviting me to come judge your Sweeps. As I stood in the ring, looking at so many beautiful dogs ans bitches, I realized that I had an incredibly easy job...it would have been impossible for me to pick a bad whippet. The Whippets I had in the ring that day were wonderful movers, with elegant powerful shapes, and beautiful heads. And the Vets?!?!? Oh my, the Vets were timeless in their beauty and attitude. It was an honor and a pleasure to hand each of you ribbons.



Friday Judge's Critique –  Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat, Buenos Aires, Argentina

First I wish to thank the WWWA and Jan Leikam for the privilege of judging this Specialty and to all of the exhibitors who brought me their lovely dogs. Also to my Steward Rusty Kingery who was extremely efficient and fun to work with.

Argus Ranch was truly a lovely place for the venue. Beautiful scenery, large rings with tents to keep the dogs out of the sun one felt as though one was out in the country. It was great to be able to stay right there. Truly everything was perfect: the meals, lodging, even the weather was great. A special thanks to Holly Leale for her hospitality.

BEST PUPPY NOUVEAU'S BLACK PEARL Well put together for his age, made the most of himself and promising youngster.

WINNERS DOG HIGHBRIDGE HOME ICE ADVANTAGE. A very handsome masculine brindle and white with a good headpiece, strong underjaw. He was of a good size and bone with an excellent front angulation, good fill and depth of brisket. Took up super reach and drive and kept his topline when moving.

RWD SPORTING FIELDS AT LONG LAST LOVE Also an extremely striking masculine dog that moved effortlessly. Well balanced, WD beat him on front angulation.

WINNERS BITCH from OPEN CLASS SUGARRUN DIAMOND AT SUMMIT Lovely head and keen expression, lovely small ears, well balanced, very feminine brindle and white with curves where they should be and excellent low reach and drive.

SECOND OPEN STARLINE GOSSAMER WINGS A shade larger bitch but equally well assembled, feminine, very attentive with a lovely expression, moved extremely well in the class. Unfortunately when she came back in for RWB she favored her left rear leg on the go around.

RWB AND BEST BBE RIPPLE ROCK FANTASIA Extremely alert, good front angulation and forechest. A little underweight but flawless movement. I'd like to see a better topline.

BOB AND BEST OF BREED CH. OXFORD ROWINGDALE BEAUTIFUL EYES Her name fits her on those beautiful eyes and that's not all, she's beautiful in every way. A neck that flows into her shoulders and a graceful arch over the loin which she kept in movement, good front angulation, fill and depth of brisket and that clip the daisies movement.

WD AND BOW - BEST OF WINNERS HIGHBRIDGE HOME ICE ADVANTAGE Since there are fewer good males than bitches, I rewarded him. By awarding him BOW, both he and my WB were of equal quality.

BOS CH. SUNBEAM OXFORD EL CID An elegant athlete, beautiful headpiece and expression, excellent front assembly. Very well balanced and correct movement.

SELECT DOG GCH. FANFARES CORDOVA AT RUNNERS An impressive masculine brindle. No doubt that he is a "macho". Has a good headpiece with a strong underjaw, well balance. His movement is effortless.

SELECT BITCH AND BEST VETERAN CH. SUMMIT LA SIGNORA CRISTOBEL A dream girl. She caught my eye when she came in the veterans. She's elegant feminine, gorgeous in every way, standing, coming, going and going around. She was a strong contender for the breed.

AWARD OF MERIT CH. WAYPOINT DOMINICA Feminine, very harmonious and moves accordingly.

Later I found out that my BOB, BOS, AOM were all sired by Ch. Starline's Sovereign and that my Veteran Dog and Veteran Bitch -Best Veteran were sired by "Davis" Ch. Chealsea's Long Kiss Goodnight.

I was pleased at the quality of entries some very deserving does got left out there just weren't enough ribbons.

Again thanks to all for a memorable day.



Saturday Judge's Critique –  Wendy Gay, Winchester, VA

First of all I want to thank the WWWA for inviting me to judge your specialty. I had a great time as I love what I do. Thank you for your friendliness and hospitality. It is always a pleasure to see old friends and judge new dogs, dogs I’ve only seen in pictures, dogs I have competed with or have known for a long time. Every venue makes it a new and different experience as the mix of entries always changes.


6-9 mos. This class was 3 gangly teenagers all very similar in type. Still tubey at this age. I chose NOUVEAU’S LE CHAT NOIR as my winner today. He was the soundest of the 3 and had the nicest head.

9-12. JADE’S ROCKET BOY Single Entry. Nice puppy.

12-18. BURNT SIENNA RED MOUNTAIN My winner here was an Agouti Red Fawn (A color you don’t see often in the show ring). This young dog had the best balance and movement of the entry.

BBE. TREADWAY HEARTLAND This dog had all the curves in the right places.

Am Bred. ORTONA INDIANA JONES Single Entry. Nice dog.

Open. This was a tough class. My first 3 were real standouts to me. Correct type with good balance and soundness. My winner (also went WD) HIGHBRIDGE HOME ICE ADVANTAGE just had a little more of everything for me; more front fill, deep underline with correct curves, with a nice headpiece and ample sidegate. Very nice effortless way of going. Very nice.

RWD. SERENDIPITY MALARKEY AT WHIMSY My 2nd place open dog was the strongest on the go-around in winners.  Smooth and very nice overall.


6-9. SUMMIT EVERYTHING’S DUCKY My winner here was very smooth, with good movement. Nice.

9-12. ALCYON ALL MIMSY AT WHIMSY This little cutie hasn’t quite grown up yet, but oh-so my type. Curvy with a beautiful underline. Nice easy movement, a sweet face. Hard to resist. Very special! (Best Puppy)

12-18. LOST CREEK MCKADEN MYSTERE This was a tough class for me – because I loved #18 standing. She had all the right stuff – very beautiful whippet type. Deep underline, smooth, pretty head. However, I could not get past the unsound movement coming and going. I placed her second as the winner was sounder all around – nice as well, but a little less mature.

Am O. WINFIELD WHAT NOT TO WEAR Single Entry. Very nice.

BBE. (WB & BOW) SUMMIT HOOP DREAMS Well this bitch was a standout for me. She glided around the ring with balance and ease. She had a beautiful headpiece, deep curves, smooth outline with nice front fill! Just Beautiful!!  I loved her correct neck set and lovely front assembly!!

OPEN. (RWB) SERENDIPITY SKYLARK My winner here was also a standout for me. Just lovely whippet type. All the right curves, deep chest and front fill, good mover on the side.  (I believe I have given her a reserve before?) The WB beat her on going away and movement on the final go-around. Tough choice – loved her too.

BOB: GCH. FANFARE'S CORDOVA AT RUNNERS My BOB was a dog I have seen many times, but have not had the chance to go over . He is a lovely, mature stallion of a dog. Wonderful front with good fill and assembly. Deep to the elbow, short pasterns with good bend, correct proportions, lovely rear that he uses well and has a nice head. He also has a commanding presence in the ring. Very Handsome!

BOS: CH. OXFORD ROWINGDALE BEAUTIFUL EYES Beautiful fawn bitch with big eyes in a beautiful head, curvy and deep chested with good sidegate. Just lovely.

SD: SUMMIT ABOVE THE RIM Brother to my WB (Need I say more?)

SB: CH. ALCYON TWINKLE TOES Again, just my type curvy lovely mover! All the right things in all the right places.


BROOD BITCH: CH. KIMERA’S SHELBY The mother here – really put her stamp on the get. All were cookie cutters of each other. Lovely to see.


ResultsBeth Levine