2013 Specialty

July 24 UPDATE: Here are the judging programs for both WWWA and WWHA shows. Don't forget to email Janis Castle to make your reservations for the Friday night awards dinner and auction! [download id="49,50"]

WWWA's 2013 specialties will be held Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3, at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA, in conjunction with the Western Washington Hound Association shows. These 21st Anniversary shows are dedicated to the memory of Doris Ringer. There will be four sets of points over the three days, with the two WWWA specialties on Friday and Saturday, and WWHA's two shows on Saturday and Sunday.

WWWA's Friday Specialty show will also offer Sweepstakes, Veteran Sweepstakes, Jr. Showmanship, Obedience Trial & Rally Trial. Christy Nelson, from Alta Loma, CA will judge all regular and non-regular conformation classes and junior showmanship, with Erika Houle from Seattle, WA judging sweepstakes and veteran sweepstakes. James Thomson, from Palm Desert, CA will judge junior showmanship, and all obedience and rally classes.

On Saturday, WWWA's Specialty show will be judged by Linda Zaworski, from Livingston, TX, and WWHA's whippet classes will be judged by Edna Martin, from Libertyville, IL.

On Sunday, WWHA's whippet classes will be judged by John Bink, from Monash, Australia.

More information, including premium lists and online entry, for both WWWA and WWHA are available from the BaRay Events website.

Please consider a donation to our trophy fund! See the form below and send your donation by July 2 to be included in the list of sponsors in the catalog.

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