2014 WWWA Specialty Critiques


Complete 2014 specialty results are available from the BaRay website.Results from the WWHA supported entries the same weekend are also available.

WWWA Veteran and Puppy Sweepstakes Friday, August 1, 2014 Judge: Guin Borstel, San Francisco, CA

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to judge your puppies and veterans at the WWWA Sweepstakes.  It was very smart of your show chair to have the veterans go first in the line-up, taking advantage of the cooler part of the early afternoon.  I had three well preserved, but rather pudgy senior veteran bitches to choose from in my Veteran Sweeps.  CH. Shantellie Countess of Steel, SC, CD, RN got the nod due to her good balanced angles fore and aft, which helped her to still move quite nicely from the side for an old gal.  She also possessed a lovely classic whippet head with strength of underjaw and dark roundish eyes.  Toplines were a bit flat and underlines were less than sterling on all three of these ladies, probably because the entire entry is currently built for comfort, not speed.

In the puppy sweeps, my baby puppy male class consisted of two very nice boys who were about one minute over six months of age.  Windborn Rightful Heir Yi Zhong ended the class in first place and went on to BOS in Sweeps.  This lightly brindled orange fawn and white puppy possessed balanced angles fore and aft and moved with an easy grace from the side.  Even though he had a tendency to scrunch up on the ramp and exhibit more fall away over the loin than is ideal, this straightened right out when he was back on terra firma, where he was able to show off his proper outline.   All in all, a nice puppy boy, that should finish easily.

My bitches were, as per usual, of higher allover quality than my males.  The winner of the strong 9-12 month class, Bretica Brushwood Epic Affair, went on to Best in Sweepstakes.  This is a lovely fawn brindle and white bitch, of a classic style that we sadly don’t see all that much anymore.  She had a gorgeous body, with proper shape over and under, creating a silhouette that just says “whippet”.  I know they don’t run (or show) on their heads, but this bitch had expression and head type in spades, hitting all of the connoisseur points, with big, roundish dark eyes, and crisp little ears.  When asked to move, she went like clockwork on the go around, daisy clipping with a minimum of lost motion.  She is not the cleverest walker coming at you, but no one is perfect.  There was so much that was right about this bitch, I forgave her this flaw, since my philosophy is that a silk purse with a hole in it is better any day than a perfect and common sow’s ear.

In the Best in Sweeps line up, my winner was pushed hard by the first place in the 12-15 month bitch class (another strong class), Chapleton’s Blackbird. A dramatic black brindle with white particolor, this bitch was absolutely gorgeous standing. However, she was very distracted by the world around her when moving, and for every two brilliant steps she took, there was a whole series of catty-wampus airs above the ground, and consequently she was difficult to evaluate.  Surely she will be one to watch for in the future, when she gets her ADD under control.

I would like to thank all the entrants for bringing me their whippets to evaluate, and the WWWA for their lovely hospitality!

Guin Borstel



WWWA 31st Specialty Show Friday, August 1, 2014 Judge: Kathy Davenport, Dekalb, IL

On the outskirts of Auburn, WA, amidst the towering pines, lies a twenty acre piece of real estate, called Argus Ranch. This beautiful parcel is the home of choice for many canine related events, including Specialties. This is also the site of preference for the Western Washington Whippet Association. On August 1st, I had the distinct honor of judging this event. Allow me to present my winners:

JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP Open Jr Class Winner: Cassidy Brown Open Intermediate Class Winner: Rachael Rager Open Senior Class Winner & Best Jr Handler: Caleb W. Brown

PUPPY DOGS (6-9 mos) 2 in comp. 1st Ocean’s Mars Midnight,  A pretty smooth bodied boy with lovely head and expression, should finish quickly.

PUPPY DOG ( 9-12 mos) 3 in comp. 1st Lost Creek Forecast At Winfield, A very flashy, red & white boy of moderate bone, well balanced and solid on the move. I predict a bright future for this one!

DOGS (12 -18 mos) 1 in comp. 1st Sporting Fields Rimrocks Beach Fire,  A very handsome, high stationed boy, with big side gait. Just a tad too upright in the upper arm for my taste.

BRED BY EXHIBITOR DOGS 8 in comp. 1st Strebor’s Rock Candy,  A very stylish, fawn brindle, well balanced young dog with moderate bone and yet masculine. Smooth on the move with correct foot fall on the down and back. A nice example of the whippet in many respects. My eventual WINNERS DOG! 2nd Princeton’s Back In The Saddle,  A beautiful, smooth bodied, fawn boy dripping with breed type. Gorgeous head and eye and overall presence. A tight contest for WD with the above. I awarded him RESERVE WINNERS DOG.

OPEN DOGS 9 in comp. 1st Counterpoint The Painted Abbey, An overall nice, quality dog, solid on the move and clean down and back. Just a little longer in loin than I prefer but very deserving none the less.

PUPPY BITCHES (6-9 mos) 2 in comp. 1st Winborn Starline Heiress,  a very elegant baby girl, loaded with breed type and bubbling with enthusiasm. She will have a bright future for sure!

PUPPY BITCHES (9-12 mos) in comp. * This small class of three, presented me with the most challenge and thought provoking concentration. All three entries were so deserving of the win. The differentials were ever so slight. I had a hunch, I would find my winner here! 1st Lost Creek Stormy Monday, an outstanding representative of make and shape. Beautiful, clean body lines and smooth as glass on the move. My WINNERS BITCH! 2nd Bretica Brushwood Epic Affair, Another youngster dripping in breed type with a ton of virtue to offer. Moved well and never putting a foot down wrong, making for a very tough decision. I awarded her the RESERVE WINNER.

BITCHES (12 to 18 mos) 3 in comp. 1st Elain-Ward’s Mustang Sally, A very pretty red and white girl with lovely body lines. Moves well and should finish easily.

BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCHES 7 in comp. 1st Strebor’s Candy Perfume, A very typey, fawn brindle and white parti girl with beautiful make and shape. Clean mover but could have given a little more effort on the go around.

OPEN BITCHES ( 6 in comp.) 1st Atlantis Some kind Of Wonderful, A beautiful black girl with white trim, smooth, curvy, body style with gently flowing lines. A lot to like about this one.

VETERAN BITCH (7-10yrs) 1 in comp. 1st Ch Summit Lucy In The Sky,  This lovely lady has not aged a day. She continues to impress with her graceful curves and athletic movement. She was enjoying her day out of the home!

VETERAN BITCHES (10 yrs and older) 2 in comp. 1st Ch Nouveau’s Awfully Pretty, This beautifully black lady impressed me with her graceful, curvy body and her athletic movement. It was an honor to be in her presence. 2nd Camelot’s Heart Of Gold., It would be unfair not to mention this sweet, soft senior citizen. Even though she had that “middle age spread”, this gal was giving all she could for her chance at stardom.

BEST OF BREED COMPETITION  9 in comp. This was an extraordinary lineup of high quality, typey whippets. Each and every one of them were very deserving of their title.

BEST OF BREED WINNER, GCH Princeton’s Falling In Love At Starline, An outstanding example of breed type.  She possesses that smooth, curvy body that I so desire with effortless, flowing movement. An easy choice for the Breed Win.

BEST OF WINNERS, Strebor’s Rock Candy (see comment in BBE dogs)

BEST  OF OPPOSITE SEX, GCH Starline’s Walk This Way, another outstanding specimen of breed type with correct size, bone and shape. I just noticed this is a full littermate to the Breed Winner. What a pleasant surprise!

SELECT DOG, CH Bravado’s Samoset SELECT BITCH, GCH Oxford Rowingdale Beautiful Eyes AWARD OF MERIT, GCH DC Orion’s The World Is Not Enough SC BEST PUPPY, Lost Creek Stormy Monday ( WINNERS BITCH ) BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR, Strebor’s Rock Candy ( WD & BOW) BEST VETERAN, CH Summit Lucy In The Sky

In conclusion, I wish to thank the officers and the exhibitors of the WWWA for allowing me this wonderful assignment. Also, Jan Leikam, (showchair extraordinaire) for all your guidance and communication. My heart and gratitude go out to Holly, the owner/proprietor of the magnificent Argus Ranch for the delicious meals and last of all to my new friend/roommate, Guin Borstel, for your kindness. I had a wonderful time!

Respectfully Submitted, Kathleen Davenport


WWWA 32nd Specialty Show Saturday, August 2, 2014 Judge: Barbara Henderson VMD, Laurel, MD

Let me begin by thanking the following people:  Janis Leikam, show chair and her committee.  Special thanks are given to:  Joanne Tucker, ring steward; Janis Castle; Holly Leale; Janis Hardy; and to all the WWWA members and exhibitors.

The show was held at the Argus Ranch Facilities for Dogs.  What a lovely venue for the show in a valley surrounded by beautiful evergreens.  The rings were set up on level ground with adequate tenting to provide shade for the exhibitors.  I was told the weather could change at any moment and true to their words, there was a short rain shower just after the start of morning judging.  Fortunately, my assignment was at 12:30 PM and by that time, it was hot and humid—weather I’m use to on the East Coast.

The judges’ accommodations were in the home of Holly Leale, the owner of the facility.  What a nice, homey and relaxed atmosphere for the judges to relax and socialize.  Our meals were prepared by Holly and “first class” chef, Janice Hardy.  I hated to leave the warm and friendly environment.

The trophy table was exquisite with the club’s initials embroidered on the beds and mats.

My assignment began with the veteran dog class and regular classes to follow.

Veteran Dogs 7 yrs. & under 10 yrs. This class had a single entry, CH Winfield I’d Rather Be Right.  What a handsome boy!  He was properly balanced with correct topline and underline as well as correct front and rear angulation.  He was in excellent firm condition.  He moved effortlessly around the ring and moved properly on the diagonal.  He really enjoyed showing and was my Best of Breed.  What a way to start with a picture of my ideal whippet fresh in my mind.

Puppy Dogs 6 to 9 mos. Two entries were in the class.  Both were very nice; first placement was Ocean’s Mars Midnight who was more mature than my second placement.  With maturity, both should do well.

Puppy Dogs 9 mos. & under 12 mos.  Two entries were also in this class.  Both had very nice outlines.  First placement was Lost Creek Forecast at Winfield who had better front angulation.

Dogs 12 mos. & under 18 mos.  A single entry for this class.  First placement was Sporting Field Rimrocks’s Beach Fire.  This was a dark black brindle dog who was in nice condition and moved well.

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.  This class consisted of six entries. This is one of my favorite classes and the entries did not disappoint me.  All the exhibits had good muscle tone and were in excellent condition.  For the larger classes, I gave a short critique explaining my placements.   First and second placements could have easily been switched; however, my final decision went to Princeton’s Back In the Saddle.

Open Dogs.  Eight entries comprised this class. I spent more time with this class due to the good quality of the dogs.  First placement was Adagio Jilzan Campfire.  This was a very handsome, red dog with white markings.  He presented in excellent condition, moved effortlessly around the ring, exhibited correct movement on the diagonal, and had proper symmetry (that I look for), balance and angulation.  He was my Winner’s Dog.  Reserve Winners went to my Bred by Exhibitor dog.

Veteran Bitches 10 yrs. & older.  This class had three very nice senior ladies.  I hated to place this class.  They were all showing their age and obviously enjoyed their “groceries” and their sofas.  First placement was Camelot’s Heart of Gold, a white and fawn bitch with proper angulation, balance and adequate movement.

Puppy Bitches 6 mos. & under 9 mos.  This class had a single entry.  First placement was Tuxedo Love Story at Oxford.  This was a youngster who had a very nice topline and underline and shows potential as she matures.

Puppy Bitches 9 mos. & under 12 mos.   Four entries were in this class. This was a very nice class and I spent additional time evaluating this class.  First placement was Bretica Brushwood Epic Affair who had a beautiful head, proper balance and angulation.  When moved at a slower pace, I awarded her first placement in this class.  Additionally, she was awarded Best Puppy.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time to critique this class; however, on any other given day, any other puppy could have won.

Bitches 12 mos. & under 18 mos.  This class had a single entry.  Chapleton’s Blackbird was an elegant black brindle with white markings that moved adequately around the ring.

Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches.  Five entries comprised this class.  Again, this was one of my favorite classes.  First placement went to Strebor’s Candy Perfume Girl.  This was my type of whippet with nice size, symmetry, proper front and rear angulation, and moved nicely on the diagonal.  She was my Reserve Winner’s Bitch.  A short critique was given to the exhibitors.

Open Bitches.  There were eight entries for this class.  This class had very nice quality and I spent considerable time with movement, especially the diagonal.  Concentrating on the diagonal (which is important to me), I look for clean coming and going.  I also reward low reach and drive on the go-around.  First placement was Watch Me Lost Moon of Kimera.  This bitch did not disappoint me. She easily won the class as well as Winner’s Bitch and Best of Winners.  Again, the exhibitors were given a short critique on my placements.  Reserve went to the Bred By Exhibitor’s bitch.

Following a short break, I began Best of Breed competition.  Again, this was a nice class with good quality whippets; I really had my work cut out for me.  All entries were in very nice condition.  Some were affected by the heat and humidity since they were judged in the morning show.  After evaluation of my exhibits, I awarded Best of Breed to the veteran dog, CH Winfield I’d Rather Be Right.  He maintained his enthusiasm for the show ring and moved effortlessly, enjoying the day. I could not deny this handsome whippet best of breed.  I was pleased to see he was placed third in the Hound Group and was still enjoying the show ring experience.

The following awards were given:  Best of Opposite Sex:  GCH Princeton’s Falling in Love at Starline; Best of Winners:  Watch Me Lost Moon of Kimera; Select dog:  GCH Starline’s Walk This Way; Select Bitch: CH Alcyon Twinkle Toes; Award of Merit: CH Watch Me Enchantment of Kimera; Best Puppy: Bretica Brushwood Epic Affair; Best Veteran and Best of Breed-- CH Winfield I’d Rather Be Right; Best Bred by Exhibitor: Strebor’s Candy Perfume Girl.

Exhibitors please pay close attention to dental care.  This is very important to the health of the dog.

I want to thank the club for a memorable day and I enjoyed evaluating all your whippets.

Dr. Barbara L. Henderson

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