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The 2016 ASFA Annual Convention of Delegates (ACoD) is being held right here in Region 1 at the Red Lion Hotel in Renton on March 19th and 20th. The registration deadline February 19 is fast approaching. As a member club, WWWA is entitled to be represented by two delegates. As WWWA's ASFA delegate, normally I would be expected to attend a local ACoD, but unfortunately I accepted a judging assignment last year before I realized the trial conflicted with the ACoD, so if we want our club to be represented at the ACoD, we will need to come up with one or two volunteers to attend as official delegates instead. Please see the forwarded email below from ASFA corresponding secretary Bill Bowlus-Root for more information about the ACoD, as well as the attached documents with the tentative agenda, registration form, hotel info, and proposed rule changes that will be voted on at the ACoD.

-submitted by Beth Levine, WWWA ASFA delegate

2016 ASFA AC0D

The general agenda for the 2016 Annual Convention of Delegates (ACoD) and information about registration and hotel reservations is attached to this email.  The forms and information are also posted to the 2016 ACoD page on the ASFA website (  Be sure to keep an eye on the website page as new or updated information becomes available!  A packet of convention materials will be emailed to participants several days before the convention.

Where, When, and What? The ACoD will be held in Renton WA, March 19th and 20th, 2016.  The ASFA Board of Directors Meeting will be held the prior two days and convention delegates are welcome to observe if they wish.

Hotel Accommodations Both meetings will be in the host hotel, the Red Lion Hotel.  Rooms are available there at a special rate of $119.00 per night if reservations are made by the March 3rd deadline.  Be sure to mention you are with ASFA when making your reservations.

Registration Registration fees are discounted if they are received by February 19th (don't mail them after February 19th!):  $95 if you stay at the host hotel or $145 if you stay elsewhere.  Late registration is $160 regardless of where you stay.  Late registration closes on March 18th at 8:00pm.  Don't wait until the last minute to register -- PayPal is NOT available for registration, so get your Registration Form and check to Vickie Jacobs EARLY!

Your Registration Form and check should be mailed to the ACoD Planner:

Vickie Jacobs 7045 SE 61st St. Tecumseh, KS 66542 785-379-5430

You can also contact Vickie if you have other questions about registration.

Who Can Attend? According the the ASFA Constitution, Article IV, Section 2, "Each member club shall be entitled to be represented by two (2) convention delegates, who shall be identified by the club on an appropriate form."  As a Club Delegate, I hope you're planning to attend, but if you can't make it, remember that your club can send a Convention Delegate to represent it instead as well as any number of Convention Observers.  Section 10 defines these as:

Convention delegate: a person who represents a member club at an Annual or Special Convention of Delegates; need not be the club delegate....  No convention delegate may cast more than one ballot on any convention vote.  A voting convention delegate may also represent other clubs as a non-voting observer provided a convention fee has been paid for each club represented as either a voting convention delegate or as a non-voting observer.  The convention delegate need not be a member of the club they represent.

Convention observer: a person without voting privileges who has paid the appropriate convention fee.

Everyone who attends, whether as a Convention Delegate or a Convention Observer, must submit a Registration Form and pay the registration fee.

Let Vickie or me know if you have any questions.

See you in Renton!



Bill Bowlus-Root Corresponding Secretary American Sighthound Field Association Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail


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