June 2016 Meeting Notice

In case you have not read the minutes of the previous meeting...our next meeting is a 1. Show Committee Meeting and 2. Brief General Meeting and Brief Board Meeting.  The General and Board meetings are to make up for the missed meetings at the end of March.

The show committee meeting will provide attendees with updates of all the show committee member functions as well as presenting judge names for consideration for our future specialties.  Please come prepared to offer up names that you would like to see judge our specialty and sweepstakes!

The premium list for the specialty is now in the hands of our exhibitors so we are working hard to present a lovely specialty. Please make sure to attend these important meetings. If you are involved in a task or have a report to present and cannot attend the meetings, please forward your report to Janis for the show committee or to myself for the general meeting.  The more information we exchange, the better we will be able to function.

MEETING DATE  June 25 NOON at WildFin restaurant in Issaquah. ( We will be able to order off both the brunch and lunch menu.)  As long as enough people come, we will be able to have the meeting room.

PS if you are planning to order a meal at the specialty, you can turn in your order and pay at the meeting!

-submitted by Jeanette Dorsey