April-May practice schedule

March is a really problematic month.  I am going to be out of town the first part of the month including the first weekend.  After that, there are three weekends of race meets, plus assorted trials and shows.  So that takes care of March.  It's possible that I will be able to schedule an extra practice the last Sunday of February, but I won't know for sure until much closer.  All that considered, here's the preliminary practice schedule for April/May. Saturday, 3 April Rescheduled to Sunday, 11 April Sunday, 25 April Cancelled Saturday, 8 May Saturday, 15 May Rescheduled to Sunday, 16 May Saturday, 22 May

For those of you who are interested in furthering box practice for your puppies, you might consider going to one or more of the race meets.  There's always time in between heats for some box practice and there's always knowledgeable folks there who want to help newbies or those with puppies.  Check the ASFA region 1 web site for the performance calendar for meet dates.

-submitted by Shirley Konizeski

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