Ringo 2009

2009 has greeted Doris Ringer with her 85th "flippin" birthday (her words). There have to be members that know when Doris started working in the WWWA.  I believe she is a "Charter Member."  It's got to be way back in the day with some of the other oldsters. Doris has Nadine her smooth fox terrier to keep her company today and a very good friend Peggy Hewes to visit from time to time.

Doris Ringer meant a lot to a large group of us and we wanted to make sure she knows she was appreciated.  Her attendance every Friday night for practice and her dedication to be active in the Specialties each summer won't be forgotten.  She was the lure operator for puppy training at Ft. Dent, and taught a lot of us the ropes, including Glen and I from the very beginning.

She is a Southern Lady that made us feel welcomed.  Our picnics on those summer evenings were special and we took turns practicing our whippets and box training and Doris was instrumental in setting the hook for new members to be active in the process of learning how to be a responsible pet owner.  And also have fun with our whippets.

Doris stays at home in north Seattle these days not traveling like she used to and might like to see cards and letters but most of all pictures/photos from members of the WWWA.

Doris is not on the internet and I know we all are very busy, but it takes only a moment to do something nice, like sending a card for a lady that has done a lot for this club over the years. I hope when I get old I am not put on a shelf somewhere.  Oh, wait.... I am old.  Shoot.

-submitted by Jo Sowards on behalf of Doris Ringer, and published with Doris' permission! :)
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