Serendipity 2009

Here at Serendipity, our motto is “athleticism & aestheticism” and we’re proud of our whippets’ dual purpose achievements in 2009: Lark (CanCH Serendipity Skylark, FCH, DPC, TRPX, SR, OTR) finished her ASFA Field Championship in the spring, and her Canadian Championship in the fall, piloted to her last point by her good friend Jenn Hughes. She is also closing on her American Championship with nine points, both majors. She will be bred in the spring to CH Shamasan Hound Hill Cherokee, ARX, DPCX, RN.

Tiercel (Serendipity Nighthawk, FCH, ARX, DPCX, TRPX, SRM, OTRM, CGC) finished his ARX in the spring and his DPCX in the summer. This last title is the highest achievement in the CWA system, awarded to whippets demonstrating excellence in both racing and conformation. Tiercel is my first DPCX, and I consider him the finest athlete I’ve ever had the privilege to have bred or owned.

Kestrel (Serendipity Sparrowhawk, FCH, OTR, CGC) finished her ASFA title in the spring and her OTR in the fall. She was a late bloomer, scarred by bad experience and injury early in her career, and I wasn’t sure she’d ever run with another dog, much less finish a competitive title. I couldn’t be prouder of this brave little whippet for overcoming her fears and learning to run with such confidence and joy.

Our youngster Branwen (Shamasan Caerbannog) made her NAWRA and CWA straight racing debuts, and, although she has not raced enough to earn any titles yet, I am pleased with her progress and look forward to her continuing education in 2010.

Best of all, we are blessed by the continued robust good health and good spirits of our retirees – 12 year old Wren (CanCH Priory HH Silver Lining, CD, FCH, OTRM, CGC, AV), 9 year old Nori (HH To The Lighthouse, FCH, OTR), and 8 year old Ringer (CanCH HH Serendipity Eight Bells, LCM, TRP, DPC, SR, OTRM-2, CGC).

Beth Levine Serendipity Whippets

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