April 11 practice update

We have a new field that we are going to try out for practices.  It is located about two miles south of the eastern edge of downtown Snohomish.  I've placed the Cascade Family Fliers link below.  Click on "location" for a very good map on how to get there.  There is signage at the turnoff of the main road.  The road becomes dirt/gravel and goes under the railroad tressle.  It is a large field, about 50 acres that is used primarily for haying which is done three times a summer.  However, a wide strip the length of the front of the field is kept mowed for a model airplane club usage and an adjacent side is also kept mowed for the owner's private landing strip.  We will be using the landing strip when the model airplane fliers are there.  We will talk to the hay farmer around mowing time to see if we can use the whole field after mowing for some actual course work and maybe certifications. The strip is quite long.  David estimates over 200 yards, the owner will mow a couple of days prior to practices, and it is relatively level.  The field is partially fenced with a very large creek/ditch on two sides.  We may, from time to time, be there simultaneously with the model airplane fliers but the group in Richmond does this all the time and has had no problems with the dogs.

Signup and practice begin at 11:00.  Late arrivals will be added to the bottom of the board.  While we strive to have at least two runs per dog, if we are working down the second draw it is possible that late arrivals will get only the one run.  One other really nice point, with the length of the field, those of us who are conditioning our dogs for race meets, we can opt to do back-to-back runs.  Please be sure to let the signup people know if this is what you want.

Here's the website addy so you can see some of the field http://www.cascadefamilyflyers.com/location.html

- submitted by Shirley Konizeski, aumbre@earthlink.net