April 11 practice photos

For those of you who attended practice on April 11, I've uploaded the photos taken and generously supplied to the club by David LeBlanc. This was David's first experience photographing dogs running the lure, and he got some really great shots! Many photos are out of focus or with the dog not centered in the frame, but as we know it is not easy to get good photos of running dogs and I think he did great for his first time! Thank you David for your time and generosity! There are over 500 photos. I did not have time to go through and weed out the "outtakes" or do any photo processing so these are more or less how they came off the camera, except that I ran a batch process to reduce the file size since each photo was originally in excess of 5MB!

Feel free to save copies on your own computer. To do this, click on each thumbnail to see the larger view, then right click on the photo and save to your own computer. As I said, I did reduce the file size and resolution to post these online, but I do have all the original photos on CD, so if you need a high resolution original, please feel free to email me; be sure to identify the photos you want by number (hold your mouse over the thumbnail to view the number).

If you use these photos in advertising or on your websites, I'm sure David would appreciate the courtesy of a photo credit.

Feel free to pass the gallery link along to anybody who was at practice or who might be interested.

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