Practice update

Practice the 25th of April has been cancelled due to a scheduling mess I made.  I apologize to everybody.  I know, or at least I hope, that everybody is anxious to get back out to the new field <g>!   I can offer an alternative.  David and I are free the 26th, 27th and 28th if folks would like to have a later afternoon/early evening practice.  We could start around 3:00/4:00 and continue to accept dogs until say 7:00.  Any later than that, and those dogs will most likely get only one run. Practices for May are Saturday the 8th, Sunday the 16th and Saturday the 22nd.   Please note that I changed the 15th to the 16th.  It's nice to spread the practices between Saturdays and Sundays.

June is going to be a very difficult month for practices.  There are race meets, shows, and trials all over the place.  Not to mention Father's Day and I will be out of town that weekend.  I'm proposing a practice on Saturday the 12th.  I will schedule other practices during the week.  We should be able to run dogs safely until late into the evening by then.  Any of you who have particular days that you would like, please let me know by mid-May.

Practices will continue to be located at the new field south of Snohomish:  One last thing, my phone number is 425-293-3776.  Please don't use the number on the Cascade Family Fliers website.  That goes directly to the field owner, Mark.  I'm quite active on my computer.  If you e-mail me with questions, almost for sure, I will be back to you with a day if not sooner.

-submitted by Shirley Konizeski

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