January Board and General Meeting Notice

Welcome to 2012!  The first meeting for WWWA will be Wednesday January 25th at Dukes Chowderhouse in Southcenter. The board will convene at 6:30 and the general meeting will start at 7:00 pm. Those who are already chairing a committee will want to present their budgets for the year at this meeting.  If you chair and cannot attend, please forward your budget and I will present it for a vote at the meeting on your behalf.  If there is a committee you want to chair or be a part of - please let me know!  Your participation in this club will determine how well things will run in the coming year so please think about what part you want to play in your club to support the events of the year.

Also - if you have any agenda items that will need to be addressed by the board or the club, please notify me in advance so that we can make sure it is on the agenda.

-submitted by Jeanette Dorsey, President

Club BusinessBeth Levine