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Here is the latest ASFA Communique from the ASFA Secretary. Of particular note is the information about the 2012 rule changes that were voted in at the 2011 ACoD and went into effect at the beginning of 2012. These new rules mainly involve the changes to the singles stake, which is now a regular stake. More info about the 2012 rule changes. As a member club we are entitled to send a delegate to the 2012 ACoD to be held March 24/25 in Cary, NC. I am not able to make the trip but we could send someone else as a voting delegate (does not have to be a club member) if the club wants to be represented in ASFA business.

There will be an ASFA Regional meeting at the TPIHC ASFA trial at Argus Ranch on Sunday, March 4th. I will be attending this meeting as the WWWA delegate. Please let me know if you have any issues you'd like me to present on the club's behalf at the meeting.

-submitted by Beth Levine, WWWA ASFA delegate

ASFA COMMUNIQUE – 2012.01, January 2012

A very Happy New Year to one and all and here's to a very successful 2012 for all clubs, hounds and participants.

New Membership Chair

As you may recall from the last "Communiqué" the long time Chair of the ASFA Membership Committee, Vickie Jacobs, had decided to pass along the position of Chair.  A search committee consisting of Russ Jacobs, Josie Haumont and Ping Pirrung has completed the task of finding a person to fill Vickie's very big boots.  We had several qualified people volunteer for the position and we thank all of them for offering their expertise.  After review of all the great attributes of all, we are pleased to announce the new Chair of the Membership Committee: Scott Miller from Ogdensburg, NJ.  Vickie and he are in the process of making the transition and expect it to be complete by the time your club is ready for its renewal this year.

Scott's contact information is:

Scott Miller 60 Cork Hill Road Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 E-mail: Phone:  585-967-5855

2012 ACoD

This year's ACoD is to be held March 24th and 25th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in the Research Triangle of Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.  We hope your club will be sending delegates.

You recently received information on registering for the ACoD.  The deadline for sending in your registration is February 20th.  That is the same deadline as making a reservation for a room to be able to take advantage of the reduced rate.  These rates are good through Sunday night.

There is additional information regarding the ACoD on the ASFA web site.  Those that register as delegates will receive additional information after the registrations close.

This year is an election year and you will be voting on the Board positions of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.  The bios of those nominated for the positions by the nominating committee were included in the last Communiqué.

Rule Changes taking effect January 1, 2012

To paraphrase:  The singles stake is now a regular stake which means it must be offered at all ASFA Field Trials except at Regional Invitationals, International Invitationals and Breed Specialty Trials.  Since it is a regular stake the entry for the stake cannot be limited in number.  You will still be able to limit the overall entry at a trial, but not just the single stake.

Along with the singles stake becoming a regular stake the ribbon to be awarded to the highest placing single shall be navy and gold at a regular ASFA Field Trial and light blue at Fun Trials.  Also those hounds competing in the Singles Stake are eligible to earn titles of TCP (Title of Coursing Proficiency) and CPX (Coursing Proficiency Excellent).  These titles are not available to hounds in the Limited Breeds.

Please be sure you distribute the "Communiqué" to your club's members and we look forward to see you or your club's delegate at the ACoD in March.

Jeffrey A. Lipps                             Ping Pirrung President                                      Corresponding Secretary



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