October ASFA Trials - CANCELLED


10/9 UPDATE: I’m very sorry for this disappointing news but the WWWA performance committee has made the difficult decision to cancel this weekend’s ASFA trials at the Roy Polo Field. With no rain since early July and no irrigation over the summer and early fall, the field is in very poor condition and is very hard and dry. Our club held race meets at the Polo Field two weekends ago, and due to the dry conditions many dogs burned pads and were unable to complete the meet. There has been no rain since the race meets and while we are aware there is a chance of rain by Friday and for the weekend itself, that is no guarantee of significant rainfall and we feel the risk of injury is too great. In the interest of getting word out as expeditiously as possibly so people can make alternate plans, we’ve decided to cancel now rather than gamble on rain before the weekend. Wish we had a working crystal ball! To date I have not received any entries but I haven’t picked up mail at the post office for a few days so it is possible some are waiting for me or still in transit. Of course I will destroy any entries that do arrive this week and will personally confirm with each of you.

We are so sorry, and hope everyone understands!Please don’t hesitate to email the trial secretary at serendipitywhippets@gmail.com if you have any questions.

WWWA is hosting ASFA trials on Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14, 2012 at the Tacoma Polo Club grounds in Roy, WA.  Judges are Avery McLeod (Ethel, WA), Greg Ward (Spokane, WA) and Beth Levine (Sultan, WA). We need volunteers to help with a variety of jobs. You don’t have to be an expert to help out! We would love to help you learn the ropes, and there are plenty of non-running-related duties to help with.

For all the details, please download the premium list. The trial entry form is also available in word format.

Direct any questions to WWWA's field trial secretary Beth Levine at serendipitywhippets@gmail.com.



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